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Private GPs in London

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Private GPs in London

Private primary care services in London have become increasingly popular, as more people turn to Private GPs in search of higher quality service.

While most NHS GPs provide excellent standards of care, the extra pressure, time constraints and limited resources of NHS practices means that same day appointments are often unavailable and appointment times are usually under 10 minutes in length.

Private medical centres registered with Zesty pride themselves on providing superior customer service in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. Many private practices will have appointments available within 48 hours and consultation times between half an hour to an hour long, depending on your unique requirements. Due to the availability of additional resources, private GPs are at liberty to use a wide variety of diagnostic tools and tests to gain a better understanding of each patient’s condition. With a private GP, you may also have a wider choice and easier access to treatment than through NHS services.

In addition to basic primary care, most Zesty private GPs also offer sexual health and travel health services, including treatments unavailable on the NHS such as blood tests for the herpes virus and yellow fever vaccinations. Many practices also offer Wellwomen and Wellman health screens, which provide detailed analyses of your physical health.

Private GP services are well suited to busy professionals who would prefer not to take time off work to visit their doctor. Some private practices in London are open as late as 11pm on weekdays and even open on Sundays. Also, by choosing private healthcare, you are not restricted by your place of residence to one practice and a broader selection of doctors is therefore available. If you would like us to help you find a private GP who speaks your language or have any other special requirements, please give us a call anytime.