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Physiotherapists in London

Living and working in London can take its toll on our posture and result in severe back and joint pain. Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent physiotherapy clinics in London to help restore mobility and function. In addition to manipulation, mobilisation and rehabilitative exercise training, most London physios also offer a number of other services including sports massage, ergonomic workstation assessments, ultrasound therapy and kinesiology taping.

Some physiotherapists also use cryotherapy for soft tissue injuries, TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) for pain reduction and hydrotherapy. As well as performing in house treatment, many London physiotherapists are available for home visits.

In recent years, physiotherapy has evolved to include advanced diagnostic tools. Many clinics now employ technology such as video gait analysis to identify movement issues and help patients understand how to improve their form when running or walking.

London physiotherapy clinics are evenly spread out across the capital, with concentrated pockets of clinics based in London’s medical district surrounding Harley Street and within the City of London. All physiotherapy clinics featured on Zesty only accept private patients. To access physiotherapy services on the NHS, make an appointment with your local NHS GP, who will then be able to make a referral.

Physiotherapists that appear on Zesty may work at a dedicated physiotherapy clinic, or as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes GPs, podiatrists and osteopaths. On the one hand, a dedicated physiotherapy clinic may have access to better facilities but on the other, a physiotherapist at a multidisciplinary clinic may be able to adopt a more holistic approach and referrals to other specialists will be simple and straightforward.

Some clinics employ a high number of physiotherapists, which means they are more likely to offer evenings and weekend appointments. Clinics usually stay open until 8pm on weekdays and some offer appointments up to mid afternoon on Saturday.

Most physiotherapy clinics have disabled access and many welcome children, although age restrictions vary. If you have specific accessibility requirements, would like to find a physiotherapist who treats young children or a multilingual practitioner who speaks a particular language, please give us a call anytime.