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Zesty is the UK’s leading online healthcare marketplace, designed to drive new patients to your practice.

We bring together a range of healthcare markets so patients can search for and book appointments quickly and conveniently with healthcare professionals in their local area. We currently support Dentists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Private GPs and Podiatrists.

What do Healthcare Professionals say about Zesty?

We asked senior Healthcare practitioners and practice owners how they use Zesty and what made them fall in love with it?

Tom Biswa

“I would recommend Zesty to colleagues. It has been a simple straightforward way of increasing the number of people who come through our doors.” Dr. Tom Dey

Jonathan Grice

“Zesty is doing for healthcare services, what Amazon did for books.” Dr. Jonathan Grice

How does Zesty work?

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Sign up to Zesty

When you register, we will create a dedicated practice page for you. Your practice page lists your available practitioners and provides contact details and information for patients.

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Upload Available Appointments

You can let patients see what time slots you have available during the week by uploading appointments onto your practice page. You can do this by signing into your online diary on the Zesty site, or by using the Zesty Sidebar software.

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Welcome New Patients!

We look forward to filling your vacant appointment slots with a stream of new patients. You’ll receive a confirmation email when a Zesty user books an appointment with your practice. You can also choose to receive details of new bookings via SMS or the Zesty Sidebar software.

Increase your Online Presence

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We improve your online visibility for people searching specifically for healthcare services in your area. Advertising on Google can become very expensive when more and more businesses start bidding for keywords. With Zesty, we harness the power of search engines so you don’t have to. Marketing your practice with Zesty also offers incredible value for money. Unlike Google Adwords’ pay-per-click service, we charge for actual patient bookings, rather than potential patients visiting your website.

ZESTY is pay per appointment, not per click - we take the risk!

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Boost your reputation

Our ratings and reviews platform can help build your brand and develop your reputation as a quality healthcare provider. Studies have shown that consumer reviews are a proven way to increase conversion rates. Patient opinions captured through Zesty will not only attract a steady flow of new patients but also increase your standing with the CQC.

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Grow your Business with Online Booking

A quick and easy online booking system will significantly increase the rate at which you fill your appointment slots. Online access to your availability gives potential patients a greater sense of control, the freedom to choose an appointment slot in their own time and increased privacy in comparison to telephone booking.

Zesty Features

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Mobile Compatibility

Zesty is fully optimised for smart phones and tablets, so your patients can book appointments on the move. Whether on the commute to work, or out on their lunch break, patients can book anywhere in less than two minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Connecting with your Websites

Visitors to your website can book appointments outside of office hours with a ‘book online’ link to your Zesty practice page. Online booking through your website means you can spend less time managing appointments on the phone and more time providing quality service for your patients.

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Zesty Practice Page

Your practice page allows patients to view your weekly availability, read ratings and reviews, find out about treatments and pricing, see your location on a map, access contact information and link directly to your website.

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SMS Verification

Before confirming an appointment, patients must verify their phone number using an SMS code sent to their mobile. This way, you can be sure that your patient’s contact details are correct.

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Email Confirmation

As soon as your practice receives a new Zesty booking, we will send you a confirmation email. This will include the time, date and practitioner your patient has booked an appointment with as well as their name, email and verified phone number.

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SMS Booking Confirmation

We can also notify you by text message when you receive a new patient booking. Just let us know your mobile phone number and you can find out about new Zesty bookings wherever you are, instantly.

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Online Diary

With the online diary, you can upload or delete available appointments in seconds. Uploaded appointments are displayed on your Zesty practice page immediately for potential patients to book.

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Zesty Sidebar Software

We designed the sidebar software to help you manage your Zesty practice page more efficiently. The software remains at the side of your desktop so you can add or delete appointments without signing into the Zesty site and receive instant notification of Zesty bookings.

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NHS Choices

Zesty can provide a link to your online booking page from your NHS Choices page. We can also market your practice more effectively to patients by editing your NHS Choices to make it stand out from the crowd.

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